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Winter Glazing Repair

Is your Glazing Ready For Winter?

Tail end of atlantic hurricanes, driving rain, freezing temperatures! These represent the onset of winter and a difficult time of year for your long suffering glazing system. Regardless of how well designed or built your glazing is, this mechanical onslaught will eventually take its toll.

Commercial glazed buildings in particular can be at considerable risGlazing Repairk due to the fact they are generally taller and often surrounded by other large structures.

Edge effects and negative pressures can combine to silently dislodge seals/fixings and pressure caps and open the glazing system up to the elements. Due to the inaccessible nature of most commercial glazing, this process can go undetected for years, and only be discovered when its too late sometimes resulting in major financial loss and expensive disruption to business operations.

If you don’t want to take that risk, here is a simple, cheap solution. A competent qualified company can carry out a full structural report to identify all areas of existing and potential issues with your glazing. They will then produce a detailed maintenance plan which could be as simple as a seal service or more comprehensive remedial work if required.

The unique Anglia High Level Glazing Inspection Report has proven time and time again to save clients time and money. We now make it even easier for clients by offering a free inspection service, so now there is no excuse not to ensure that your glazing is secure against the rigors of the British winter!

North London Glass Changes

Anglia High Level Glazing were initially instructed to conduct a full condition report on this commercial buildings glazing systems to include full audited water tests of the refurbished buildings overhead atria.

A typical glazing inspection will encompass an assessment of the system components including –

  • All glass to include glazed units and single panels inclusive
  • All structural and ancillary fixings;
  • All bar-work including transom and mullion bars and interfaces thereof;
  • All gasketry and weather seals
  • Testing and inspection of all window opening mechanisms
  • All silicone seals and associated weather flashings
  • Associated building interfaces
  • System Pressure plates and Cover Caps

Our inspection identified a number of issues, from fractured overhead glazing, condensated DGU’s, leak ingress to flashing details and a number of issues to the operability of the aluminium window systems onsite.

A detailed report was then submitted to the client. This included a photographic record of all defects founds; Health and Safety implications reported and graded; projection and costing of the existing and  future issues and remedial advice given, with priority categorisation for action and budget consideration.

Our client subsequently instructed us to carry out a number of remedial repair works to include 12 No DGU replacements, window refurbishment works to all aluminium openers, full cleaning of all overhead glazing and additional sealing operations to areas affected by leak ingress.

Glass replacements here came with their own unique challenge. Each DGU was housed within a full wrap around frame – meaning each casement required full removal and disassembly onsite. Existing bracketry was found to be insufficient during pre-lim therefore new, heavy duty metalwork was designed, manufactured and installed to ensure all units could be re-instated safely and within the mansard glazing’s weight loading parameters.

North London Glass Changes

By upgrading the existing system we provided our client with a warranted new system, a cost effective solution to our clients initial headache.

Anglia High Level Glazing once again proved our worth to our main contractor client. By carrying out an initial inspection all elements of required works could be detailed, priced, agreed and scheduled fully without the later headache and cost uplift cursory surveys can create.