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Glazing Refurbishment Specialists

As Glazing Refurbishment Specialists, Anglia High Level Glazing technicians have been providing maintenance and repair services for glazing installations at the highest quality for over 20 years.

As well as glazed commercial or industrial structures, Our services can also include maintenance of other glazed architectural features such as glass
roofing, curtain walls, rooflights , glazed canopies, glazed entrances, windows, and doors.

Maintenance for certain buildings are not simply a matter of upkeep, but is essential due to the role they play in their communities such as hospitals, schools, banks, and universities. Due to this it is important the responsibility for the maintenance is entrusted to qualified and tested companies like Anglia High Level Glazing.

Anglia High Level Glazing technicians are experienced, and trained to high standards. Their work is designed to protect any glazed structure against defects and leaks to a guaranteed quality. The services we offer include overhauling and repairing drainage systems and remedial solutions for all
associated gutter systems, as well as renewing seals.

No buildings’ glazing repairs are considered too challenging for us due to the years of experience gained working in high or restrictive environments. Meticulous planning and safety measures are always employed.

We offer a no strings attached inspection service which enables us to both put clients minds at rest knowing their structure is safe and dry, and also identify potential defects which could lead to future problems.

Contact our office today to arrange an initial inspection.

North London Glass Changes

Anglia High Level Glazing were initially instructed to conduct a full condition report on this commercial buildings glazing systems to include full audited water tests of the refurbished buildings overhead atria.

A typical glazing inspection will encompass an assessment of the system components including –

  • All glass to include glazed units and single panels inclusive
  • All structural and ancillary fixings;
  • All bar-work including transom and mullion bars and interfaces thereof;
  • All gasketry and weather seals
  • Testing and inspection of all window opening mechanisms
  • All silicone seals and associated weather flashings
  • Associated building interfaces
  • System Pressure plates and Cover Caps

Our inspection identified a number of issues, from fractured overhead glazing, condensated DGU’s, leak ingress to flashing details and a number of issues to the operability of the aluminium window systems onsite.

A detailed report was then submitted to the client. This included a photographic record of all defects founds; Health and Safety implications reported and graded; projection and costing of the existing and  future issues and remedial advice given, with priority categorisation for action and budget consideration.

Our client subsequently instructed us to carry out a number of remedial repair works to include 12 No DGU replacements, window refurbishment works to all aluminium openers, full cleaning of all overhead glazing and additional sealing operations to areas affected by leak ingress.

Glass replacements here came with their own unique challenge. Each DGU was housed within a full wrap around frame – meaning each casement required full removal and disassembly onsite. Existing bracketry was found to be insufficient during pre-lim therefore new, heavy duty metalwork was designed, manufactured and installed to ensure all units could be re-instated safely and within the mansard glazing’s weight loading parameters.

North London Glass Changes

By upgrading the existing system we provided our client with a warranted new system, a cost effective solution to our clients initial headache.

Anglia High Level Glazing once again proved our worth to our main contractor client. By carrying out an initial inspection all elements of required works could be detailed, priced, agreed and scheduled fully without the later headache and cost uplift cursory surveys can create.

Glass Replacement Waterloo Station

Anglia High level Glazing carried out this 5th floor glass replacement project at Capital Tower above Waterloo Station.

This was a weekend project and consisted of 5 emergency glass replacements conducted 3 days after the initial enquiry from the client who initially required us to carry out an internal make safe visit.

Full manned cordon and signage was provided at ground level.

The project included 4 -no abseilers and 3 – no internal operatives secured via man anchor.

To minimise disruption to the client was conducted early hours of the morning.

If you have problems with your glazing or require a free inspection please contact us on 0207 2062493 or visit our website here:-

Glass Replacement Waterloo Station

Glass Replacement Waterloo Station

Glass Replacement Waterloo Station

Glass Replacement Waterloo Station


Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Modern Aluminium Windows offer a great alternative to the traditional timber window or in many cases the more modern UPVC window type. Why is this? well in a nutshell the construction aluminium frame profiles allows a slim profile which in turn allows  additional light into the living or working environment.

Coupled to this the inherent strength afforded by extruded aluminium allows a full range of size, ironmongery types and architectural layouts to be used and thus the aluminium window type is used extensively up and down the country in large commercial buildings such as offices, shopping centres and corporate installations.

Unfortunately all these attributes do not prevent the inevitable effects of the environment such as UV degradation, water damage, and cyclical mechanical forces due to wind and rain. All this means that ultimately all installations will need some TLC in order to restore them to their former glory and give you the owner or manager years of extended service.

This is why Anglia High Level Glazing specialize in upgrading and refurbishming Aluminium Windows and Glazing Installations. We have over 20 years experience in the inspection, identification and rectification of the previously mentioned glazing issues and having worked for most major contractors Nationwide we are perfectly placed to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

If you own or manage any commercial building with Aluminium Windows and/or difficult to reach glazing, we have found time and time again that often there is no obvious sign of a problem but a routine inspection by specialists such as Anglia High Level Glazing will identify issues before they get serious.

So why not contact us for a no obligation inspection of your Aluminium Windows – it could save you a fortune in the long run.

Ongoing Summer Maintenance Works

This student village was built under a PFI initiative for one of the world’s finest Universities by a Main Contractor. Our Client have the contract for maintaining and repairing any damage. The village is always occupied by students during term time and strict rules have to be adhered to when on site. The buildings we work on are technically complex with special thermal rated glass and high-quality curtain wall panels.

Under the terms of their contract our client have strict standards of service to maintain. Depending on the seriousness of any damage they must repair within 4 hours, 10 hours or 10 days. Anglia High Level Glazing can be called out to any element of the building including windows, doors, roofs, gutters and façade failures.

The Client required a specialist supplier who understood the technical element of the work and who was reliable in being able to turn a job around within the deadline. Anglia High Level Glazing set up a supply chain and a planning and scheduling system to ensure we hit the target dates.

We are also involved in some planned maintenance works that are completed onsite such as roof refurbishment and gutter repairs.  These planned maintenance works take place and continue during the summer months when the buildings are not occupied.