Essex Glazing Refurbishment

Posted in Commercial

Project Details

Spesialist Glazing Solutions Ltd were called upon by our client to investigate severe leak ingress to the buildings sloped aluminium windows. After an initial inspection our surveying team identified a number of inherent defects to these windows that had combined to create severe leaks and condensation under rainfall.

To rectify leaks our proposal included the manufacture and installation of purpose designed weathering fins that would act has deflecting guards against wind driven rain, particularly on such an exposed facade. Utilising a polycarbonate product, our raked flashings were all cut to size to accurately fit each window and were mechanically fixed and silicone weathered to offer full defence against the elements.

Project Solution

Due to the buildings proximity to a busy town centre high street we utilised our specialist rope access division to safely conduct works. Working with local authorities in order to minimise disruption to the general public we installed manned cordoning at ground level in order to safeguard area below works and negated the need to use large and expensive plant.

AHLG Ltd specialise in high level works and can offer numerous high level services via rope access.