Rope Access Glazing Repair

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Project Details

Specialist Glazing Solution’s’s Rope Access Glazing division have recently completed extensive resealing works to an overhead multi-facetted atrium on the south coast.

Drawing upon our vast experience within the commercial office sector in conducting refurbishment works, our technical team used this knowledge to create a schedule of works aimed at fully eliminating the water ingress issues.

Project Solution

After initial water tests to the glass roof to highlight the ingress points, our team set about conducting the necessary resealing works to these areas.

Working out of hours to minimise disruptions to the buildings tenants and the general public, the accompanying pictures depict our team accessing the atrium in order to conduct the required resealing works.

After successful resealing works and a period for setting, final water tests were conducted to the glazing system to ensure that water ingress was eliminated. Works were finalised by insurance backed guarantees and our own bespoke warranties.

Rope Access Glazing

Rope access Glazing