Rope Access Glass Change

One of our regular facilities management clients had contacted SGS High Level Ltd with regards to some damaged high-level glazing.

This proved tricky with external steel framework to negotiate and externally glazed beads.

Rope Access Repair
High Level Glass Replacement

Due to the tricky access and to limit disruption to the roads below, AHLG supplied fully trained and qualified IRATA rope technicians to conduct the works externally.

Two IRATA operatives descended the building externally, while three fully trained high-level operatives conducted and supported the safe removal and application of the new glass internally.

Our expertise meant such a complex glass change was handled professionally with minimal disruption and effortless execution.

Should you have any similar glazing requirements, AHLG are forerunners in the industry and would be delighted to look in to any high-level glazing related needs.

Abseil Glazing

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