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West London Roof Light Works

Roof Light WorksGlazing systems and Roof Lights require regular maintenance to ensure they perform correctly and when this does not occur then they become susceptible to water ingress. Our services include full water tests to entire glazing systems in order to determine the cause and locations of any ingress. We then provide a report of our findings including remedial recommendations to restore the functionality of the glazing. Not only will we find and fix your leaks but we will guarantee against them recurring.

This weekend we carried out a full maintenance and repair of this West London property. Persistent leaks had blighted the building for several months, AHLG’s remit was to fully re-seal the atrium’s glazing, introducing new butyl glazing tape and replacing the systems’ ageing pressure plate gaskets. New structural silicone seals were applied to all butt seals and particular attention paid to the various glass to brickwork interfaces by way of new membranes and system compatible sealants to this detail.

Roof Light GlazingFollowing a full water test and glazing clean the structures inherent leaks were vanquished and our leak guarantee submitted covering the glazing for years to come.