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Atrium Glass Refurbishment

Atrium Glazing Refurbishment

If you have a Glazed Atruim at your location which needs glazing repairs it is important to employ a Glazing Repair and Maintenance company with extensive experience in repairing, cleaning, maintaining and replacing glazing panels in difficult locations.

Atrium glazing primarily occurs at height well above the office or factory floor, so an experienced company such as Anglia High Level Glazing is required as they have the procedures in place to minimise disruption to your business and its operations and production schedule.

Our book of work includes large factories, processing plants, head offices, shopping centres, and we can replace single glass units as well as huge banks of glazing, both regular and specialised.

Anglia High Level Glazing have continued to incorporate the latest techniques and specialized equipment used to carry out installations and repairs in difficult circumstances, both at height and in the presence of other workers and projects, meaning we can repair your glazing while you continue your day to day operations, so far as is safely possible.